Health Emergencies

Healthcare for the majority of people is insufficient to address many of the critical health challenges for the population.  Communicable and non-communicable diseases are a serious risk to the population but are often not understood or addressed.

With frequent disasters, high levels of poverty, a burgeoning population with poor water and sanitation conditions, and poor nutrition, epidemics and pandemics remain a risk in Pakistan and the region at all times.  These risks must be addressed in both health and disaster risk management planning. In natural disasters the risks are exacerbated so an effective health response is immediately required. Conflict and displacement of populations can also lead to poorer health standards and transmission of diseases from one region to another.

We work with health authorities and professionals to assess the risks and to develop solutions to prevent, mitigate, and respond to health crises.

Our Services

  • Assessing risks and development of guidelines
  • Emergency health preparedness and response assessment and planning
  • Health response in disasters and complex emergencies
  • Communication and advocacy
  • Community health issues
  • Risk communication
  • Capacity building and training

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